CNC cutting solutions in 2D and 3D

At JF Litho, we offer customized production and machining to obtain precise and astonishing results. Everything is created to your specifications. We master this automated technique in two or three dimensions from the computer drawing to the machining.



At JF Litho, we use the digital control technology by computer for each automated cutting out operation. This guarantee of precision allows to be one of the rare companies in Montreal capable of working many materials such as:


In addition to having access to one of the most perfect finishing qualities, the automated cutting out lets us offer you a variety of signs in two dimensions or three dimensions, with or without engraving, such as individual letters or multidimensional exterior and interior signs.

In façade of buildings or shop windows, the signs in two dimensions and three dimensions lettering give you, for them alone, a look of modernity. Moreover, we offer the option that we ourselves create the graphic design of your sign, a complete service from A to Z and worry less!

The options are limited only by your imagination.

It’s important to think it over, as 41,5% of customers say to have a positive image of commerce thanks to the sign quality[1]. ! A sign in 2D or 3D lettering can be the ideal solution to optimize you visibility.

JF Litho’s automated cutting out system has many advantages such as:


Take a look at our portfolio. It’s full of ingenious, creative and unique projects!

*[1].Kellaris, J.J. *2011) 1000 shoppers can’t be wrong: Signage Communication Evidence from BrandSpark/Better homes and gardens American shopper study.

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