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Wayfinding system

As modern corporate and administrative buildings grow larger and larger and include more and more hallways and corridors, they can start to feel like mazes to visitors — and even to the employees who work there.

Effective interior signage is crucial to large modern offices for this reason, and almost all modern offices incorporate some kind of signage to direct visitors and employees around the building. From door signs to wall plaques, precise signage can transform your building from a maze to a clear map.

JFLitho provides a wide variety of interior signage options.

Types of interior signage

There are several types of interior signage that are helpful in corporate or administrative buildings:

Examples of these different types of signs produced by JFLitho can be found here.

Other important building signage

In addition to interior signage, you’ll want to consider the directions your visitors may need before they even enter the building, and put up some clear exterior signage, such as parking signs in your lot to show visitors where they can and cannot park before entering your building.

For modern corporate and administrative buildings, signage that directs visitors through the building is expected and essential to a positive visitor experience. Invest in some clear and quality signage — visitors and employees will thank you!

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