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Anxious to serve our clients efficiently, we ask our customers to assess us. Here are some testimonials from satisfied customers: 

Adonis Market

‘’ Professionnal, efficient and superior. Three words which describe my experience at JF Litho for over 12 years. Through the tons of projects they have accomplished for us, the JF Litho team has always known to develop our company in an original way. The concern of the detail being their first quality, the perfection of work is then a consequent result. I am deeply proud to post up the realized concepts by JF Litho in Adonis. I trust them 200% for all my orders. I am more than satisfied, I am really a supporter!’’

Ali Chahrour

Verona Shoes

‘’I am very satisfied with the professional team of JF Litho. No urgency is refused. When we are in need of a particular service, it is spectacular the rapidity of execution of JF Litho’s team. Hats off!! A great score to the competition. I strongly recommend them.”

Dory Samaha

Marianne Girard - Painter and graphic designer

‘’Super excellent service and fine follow-up. Very Good”


RGR Pharma Inc

‘’I did my presentation today and I have presented the products with their labels and their boxes. All the people present were impressed by the quality of the work. Everybody including the big boss has been delighted with the result. I do personally thank you for all the efforts you have made so that my presentation is a success.”

Daniel Deschamps

Clinic Mediluxe

« Good job !!! »

Sumeet Sood

Bosch Rexroth Canada

« Awesome!! Thank you very much...I really appreciate your fast service! »

Karen Maiden

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