Eco-responsible commitment

At JF Litho, we know that the choices we make today will have an impact tomorrow. That’s why we privilege the ecological printing and try to use every opportunity possible to respect the environment by using recycled cardboards and papers which can be used for all digital and offset printing products.

Our recycled materials with a variety of finishes include:

  • Enviro 100 ecological papers
  • Recycled papers certified FSC and Ecologo
  • Recycled papers certified process without chlorine

Moreover, the majority of materials used for your printings or your large format medias are recyclable (papers, cardboards, aluminum, iron, etc.), which allow you to do your part for the environment.

As far as production is concerned, the ecological printing is a daily reality for us with essential products such as:

  • Substrat Omega Terramax (banners, digital printing, lettering)
  • Retractable display units in bamboo
  • Promotional articles 100% environmentally friendly (mugs in vegetable plastic)
  • Ecological inks
  • Biodegradable cleaners

While materializing our eco-responsible commitment, we strongly encourage the same of our customers by offering an excellent printing quality on Cascades recycled paper, with for example, a satin finish.

We are not only eco-responsible for our products and materials, we take as well our part of daily good ecological habits.

Here are a few small gestures we do regularly to help protect our environment:

  • Automated control of heating and air-conditioning;
  • Economy of electricity (light) when possible;
  • Recycling of cells and ink cartridges;
  • Recycling of aluminum, of iron and of stainless steel;

Recycling of paper and cardboard, etc.

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