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JF Litho is a family owned company which combines expertise and dynamism. Two generations, with new ideas and different expertises work as one team in order to satisfy their customers’ needs.

JF Litho was established in 1993 in Montreal, a year during which Elias Abou Kheir takes in charge the offset printing company which employs him. Then printer, he seizes the opportunity of the owner’s departure in retirement to realize his dream: to launch out into business. From the beginning, it’s with the support of his wife Hayat Abou Kheir that he develops his activity. Elias devoted himself to develop and improve his printing techniques while relying on Hayat’s sales talent to answer to the customers. With the combination of these two factors, JF Litho took off.

A few years later, their son Fadi Abou Kheir joins the family company before starting his studies. It is at that moment that he discovered his passion for the field of publicity and graphic design. He therefore enrols himself in marketing studies. Following his studies, Fadi decides to explore the field of visual communications to discover the new tendencies on the market. He falls in love with the field and develops his need to always know more.

Born a printing company, JF Litho develops itself and extends its range of services as years go by. This range covers the custom graphic design service, the printed products, the printing with variable data, the large formation media, the interior and exterior signs, the car and truck lettering, the promotional articles and the automated cutting out.

In Quebec and elsewhere in Canada, companies of all sectors appeal to our services for their projects of visual communication.

The family company knew consequently from the outset to evolve with the course of time to better respond to the needs of consumers. While staying an accessible structure at human size and first of all, professional, customer satisfaction remains our priority.

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