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Car and truck lettering

We offer different services of lettering, such as car lettering, truck lettering and trailer lettering. Give your vehicle a new personality thanks to a custom and unique lettering or wrapping.

Thinking about spicing up your workspace? Why not cover your walls, floors or windows with self-adhesive vinyl!



Being visible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week has never been easier!  Car, truck and trailer lettering or wrapping allows you to get a mobile efficient visibility anytime near your prospects. These can have access to the name of your company, to your commercial activities and to the best way to reach you in a few moments, without any effort of your part. This solution of long duration has proven its profitability with no inconvenience for your vehicle is, without a doubt, one of the best techniques of marketing for your enterprise.

If you only look to personalize your vehicle or change the color, we offer several colors and finishes of superior quality for wrapping your vehicle, which will protect the original paint and are of lasting durability. No matter the size or the type of your vehicle, the color or the finish you like, JF Litho is your one-stop solution!

You may promote your products and services on your shop windows with opaque, metallic, chrome, translucent, fluorescent, frosted finishes and with the unique colors of your company.

You may cover your counter with your logo, your floor with directions, your walls with quotations, your exterior windows with a frosted decoration…the possibilities are endless! This type of marketing solution is simple, affordable and makes a whole difference to put you ahead of the pack.

Our turnkey service is to your advantage; JF Litho has many year of experience in designing and installing everywhere in Quebec. Our team is ready to listen to your needs and will propose to you solutions and ideas beyond your expectations.

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